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The first wedding I ever photographed was my cousin’s wedding…I’m pretty sure she hired a photographer for the important stuff…but she also asked me if I would use my dad’s Pentax to take some photographs of the wedding as well…I was in high school…and I thought I was the BOM! I don’t think I’ve even ever seen a photo that I took from that wedding…it was quite a while ago and I won’t be including the year here as not to date myself…or the bride! But it was most definitely completely shot on film…for all I know only 1 photo turned out worth keeping!…but that single opportunity set the stage for what would become one of my greatest passions, wedding photography.

Fast forward a couple of years and this time I was asked to photograph my sister-in-law’s wedding…I didn’t bust out the Pentax…maybe I should have!? This was one of those magical moments where everything comes together so beautifully…the entire wedding was do-it-yourself…from the gathered goblets and dishes to the collected quilts and farmers market bouquets. Everything was perfectly thought out and so well executed…and have I mentioned the music?! Seriously. Swoon. Mary, my sister-in-law is an amazing actress with a voice that will bring a tear to your eye, she’s seriously performed in so many shows in theaters from the Twin Cities to Duluth and beyond, I’ve lost track of them all…and Blake, her husband is like the most amazing musician…my favorite description of his sound is, “Somber, weary, honky-tonk folk-rock that should suit lonely drinkers as well as anyone itchin’ for an old-timey bar brawl.” I mean, who wouldn’t want to be these peoples besties!?

So yeah, to say the wedding was awesome is kind of an understatement…enjoy! xx! ciao! natalie


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